The End of the Trail For End2End Trail Supply


End2End Trail Supply Gram Weenie PRO

Some of you may know that I am the founder/owner of End2End Trail Supply.  I just wanted to pass on the news that I finally decided that the trail has finally come to an end for that entity. For those of you who did not know, you are most likely confused to be here. Welcome to my (somewhat) new home. No more stove sales, just the amblings and ramblings of a Christian backpacker. While closing was not an easy decision, I’m somewhat relieved and excited at the prospect of a little more free time to do the things that are most important in my life. I look forward to more family time. I look forward to more amblings (and ramblings). I have become involved in a chaplaincy program that I am especially excited about. While the drive to continue selling outdoors gear may have faded, I am especially grateful to my customers, some of whom I can honestly call my friends. To all who came to visit End2End Trail Supply, thank you. That path was good, but I’ve decided to take the path less taken, so, welcome to Walking With The Son!