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  1. I am new to backpacking and hammock camping. I have the hennessy asym bottom entry hammock. I am looking for a under quilt and a over quilt. With bottom entry hammock I have run into some problems with the compatibility issues. Will your under quilts work with my hammock style. Any advice or help would be much appreciated.

    • My (Loco Libre Gear) quilts will work with your bottom entry,but will have the same issues that every quilt maker will have – you have to slide the uner quilt off to the side to enter or exit. My first hammock was a Hennessy Asym, and after a while I got tired of messing with the bottom entry, so I shipped it on over to 2QZQ (a great christian couple, BTW), and got there “Zipper Modification #4”, which entails them sewing the bottom slit shut and having a zipper installed in the netting. It depends on how much you like that Hennessy and if you have the budget, but that is an alternative.

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