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Some of you may know that I am the founder/owner of End2End Trail Supply.  I just wanted to pass on the news that I finally decided that the trail has finally come to an end for that entity. For those of you who did not know, you are most likely confused to be here. Welcome to my (somewhat) new home. No more stove sales, just the amblings and ramblings of a Christian backpacker. While closing was not an easy decision, I’m somewhat relieved and excited at the prospect of a little more free time to do the things that are most important in my life. I look forward to more family time. I look forward to more amblings (and ramblings). I have become involved in a chaplaincy program that I am especially excited about. While the drive to continue selling outdoors gear may have faded, I am especially grateful to my customers, some of whom I can honestly call my friends. To all who came to visit End2End Trail Supply, thank you. That path was good, but I’ve decided to take the path less taken, so, welcome to Walking With The Son!

14 thoughts on “The End of the Trail For End2End Trail Supply

  1. You were shown the way and led to this road less traveled. Your stoves burned clean and true but now it is the fire in your heart that burns even brighter and stronger. 😉

    Hopefully where you are going more will follow. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were not “the path less taken”?

    Party On,

    John a.k.a. Newton 😉

  2. What chaplaincy program are you now involved with? I’m not being nosy, just curious. I hope to one day work with one myself.-Barry

    • Hi Barry. No worries – no secrets here. I’m starting down the road with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team ( I took the introductory seminary (Sharing Hope in Crisis), and am currently preparing for my first Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) class the first week of April. In addition some doors are opening up in my local church for a very similar program. God opens doors when we ask to be used!

  3. i was disappointed to discover a Christian gear distributor and then find you had already chosen another path. I am however happy to hear the you are pursuing a chaplaincy. i looked at that in Connecticut but you have to be in school for about 100 years. At 60 I just do not have that kind of time left. i am doing prayer ministry for inner healing and have completed a life online life coach course through a Christian school. So, dude , if you ever need prayer than hit me up. for now i speak the blessings of deut. 28 over you and your family, in jesus name..

    • Douglas, thank you ! Blessings and prayers are always welcome! Glad to hear you’ve found a way to serve – it’s never to late to be of service to the Lord. George

    • Thanks Rich! I was thinking about you not too long ago. I never got to get out with you. Are you still involved with the scouts?

      • Yes indeed George. Scouts R us. Check out Boundary waters of Canada this past summer for a week. Look under photos.

        • Awsome! Looks like the walleye fishing was good! Don’t let me off so easy – we still have to get together on the trail. I’m hanging now, too. Last time we talked you recommended a WB. I just traded up from my hennessey 🙂

          • Nursing a really bad running injury that has had me sidelined from even walking now less running for last 6 months. Been in cast and crutches for most of it. Hoping to be back on my feet to lead weeklong BP trip around the Goshen Scout Reservation last week of June. Getting two crew ready for Philmont in July 2014 so will be doing many prep hikes. I can only assume you like your WB? They are wonderful.

          • Bummer on the injury. Let me know when your back in fighting form and we’ll see about getting together. I don’t have enough time in the WB to give a definite opinion. I’ll be doing a 3 day in April that will let me get a better feel. I’m sure I’ll be happy. I’m already happy with the weight savings.

  4. Greetings and blessings from Israel ! I am a believer myself and I only came into the knowledge of the existence of this stove this week…a few years too late. I’ve tried to find one used and there’s nothing! Must be that they are that good. If anybody can help a brother out I’d be very grateful, Dov

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