A Weekend on the AT

Matthew 28:19

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Unfortunately I had to bail on the last hike due to knee problems, but my buddy Brian Cummings came ot the rescue with an awesome video of the trip. The guys decided to hike on the Appalachian Trail from Port Clinton, Pa. to Eckville with an overnight at Windsor Furnace Shelter. A trip report will be coming soon!

2 thoughts on “A Weekend on the AT

  1. Rainbows Of Fall

    In Autumn when the leaves turn brown, red and gold,
    they all fall down.
    To paint a picture, oh so rare!
    I know that GOD is there…

    To mastermind His ebb and flow;
    To stage His wondrous Autumn show,
    To brush His skies with molten gold;
    I watch His art unfold.

    No grander sight could I behold:
    These leaves of brown, red and gold.
    But Winter bodes its icy chills upon the snow-clad hills.

    In time the land, a living scene, comes bursting forth
    in savage green; and I confront the season’s thieves
    that took my Autumn leaves.

    But soon a softness in the air! GOD paints a picture,
    oh so rare of autumn leaves that all turn brown, red
    and gold as they fall down. ~~By Henry W. Gurley.~~

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